Institutional agreements

At ENAE Business School, we encourage the development and creation of knowledge via collaboration with financial entities and educational institutions. In this way, our students and partner companies can enjoy the best services available.

ENAE International Business School relies on a comprehensive and diverse set of collaborative relations and partnerships accross the world and we are always opened to new ways of collaboration. If you think we can exchange sinergies and set up a partnership, please send us an email to international@enae.com and we will be happy to consider your proposal


Current agreements:

 The Hefame group was created in the 1950s in Murcia as Hermandad Farmacéutica del Mediterráneo S.C.L., as a pharmaceutical wholesale distribution cooperative. Its aim     was and still is to distribute parapharmaceutical articles to chemists.


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  • Vega Media business and traders association

    ASEMOL exists, amongst many other things, to search constantly for the means by which businessmen can find help and solutions to their daily problems. To make this possible, the association provides a team of assistants to help businessmen concentrate on just what they should be concentrating on: their companies.

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  • Almería College of Economist

    Alemeria’s College of Economists is integrated into both Andalucia’s Colleges of Economists Council and the Spanish Colleges of Economists Council and works to coordinate development and support and to encourage its professional members; in this sense, a new national image for economists is being created and the General Council’s strategic plan is being implemented.

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  • Agreement with Murcia’s young entrepreneur’s association

    AJE Región de Murcia is an association made up of businessmen and women under the age of 40 who develop and work on ideas, projects and problems together.

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Murcia’s directors association—Adimur—was created to serve as an effective way of helping the region’s directors, who are well of their role as wealth and welfare generators. It is a forum for knowledge and thought amongst its members; it contributes to broadening their networks and to encouraging dialogue with other economic, social, political and cultural figures.

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