Bachelor’s Degree in in International and Digital Marketing

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Bachelor’s Degree in in International and Digital Marketing

In today’s digital age, businesses need professionals who can harness the power of digital marketing and business administration. Our Bachelor’s Degree in International and Digital Marketing is meticulously designed to empower students with the expertise needed to excel in this dynamic landscape.

Our mission is clear: to equip graduates with the knowledge and creativity to lead transformative marketing campaigns, master operational efficiency, and thrive in the ever-changing digital environment. Through this program, we foster the development of skills essential for driving innovation and success in the digital marketing and business domains.

Who is it aimed at?

This program is tailored for a diverse range of individuals, including:

  • Those who aspire to become adept digital marketers and leaders in the field.
  • Individuals with a keen interest in efficient business operations and management.
  • Students who are at ease with technology and eager to explore its role in modern marketing.
  • Future business leaders and entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation.

No matter your background, if you seek to excel in digital marketing and business administration, this program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in this digital age.

Benefits of studying this master

Upon embarking on this educational journey, students can expect to reap a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Develop a profound understanding of digital marketing strategies and tactics, setting the stage for a successful marketing career.
  • Master the art of managing business operations efficiently, a valuable skill in any industry.
  • Gain the ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving digital realm, staying ahead of industry trends.
  • Prepare to drive innovation in the digital marketing and business sectors, positioning yourself as a visionary leader.
  • Unlock your creative potential, enabling you to craft compelling marketing campaigns that captivate audiences.
  •  Open doors to diverse career opportunities in marketing, business administration, and beyond.
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Our methodology is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to excel in the digital marketing and business administration fields. The program combines classroom learning with hands-on experiences, case studies, and access to the latest industry insights. 

Our Virtual Campus serves as a centralized hub of resources, providing you with a wealth of learning materials. Access class recordings to revisit important lessons, participate in informative webinars, and explore additional online content designed to enhance your understanding of course topics.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Training modalities: Choose between 100% online or on campus in Spain, based on your preferences and circumstances.
  • Interactive learning: Enjoy live online classes that replicate the in-person classroom experience, allowing you to actively engage with instructors and fellow students.
  • Flexibility: This model combines the best of both worlds, offering the flexibility of online learning with the benefits of in-person interaction.

Get ready for the journey.
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Meet our Faculty

Our exclusive “Learn by doing” method, allows our staff to track student progress more effectively which help them to identify a student's strengths, weaknesses and requirements. Better communication takes place through our hybrid learning methodology, as students can use our different digital platforms to connect and stay in touch with teachers and peers.

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More interactive, more global,
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Methodologies adaptable to your needs.
As flexible as you wish. This model combines online training through the Virtual Campus with onsite training, sharing the experience with your professors and classmates.
Online Master´s
Our blended learning option merges the best of face-to-face and online training, using technology to combine in-class and out-of-class teaching, maximising the educational impact for students.
Blended Master’s
Experience first-hand our self-developed "Learning by doing" method. Face-to-face classes two days a week, usually on weekends, Friday afternoon and Saturday morning
On Campus Master´s

Why Study
at ENAE?

Empowering the next generation of business leaders. Through the use of case studies and our innovative enterprise simulator, we guarantee our students quality, dynamic, innovative postgraduate education.


Talented faculty members. Our professors are experts in their respective fields and are committed to providing our students with an unparalleled learning experience/p>


Building professional development opportunities. 98% of our students find a job within 12 months after graduating. Over 350 affiliated companies and 500 corporate recruiters rely on us to provide high-quality business education to their employees.


International Scope. Our international presence is reflected in the diversity of our faculty and student body. We have students and teachers from all over the world, bringing with them a wealth of different perspectives and experiences. This diversity enriches the learning experience and helps our students develop a global mindset.


Students support. We understand that navigating the process of studying abroad can be daunting. That's why we're here to assist you every step of the way. Our team is dedicated to making your transition to studying at ENAE as smooth as possible



We are located in the southeast of Spain, one of the warmest places in the peninsula

Edificio ENAE Nº 13. Campus Universitario de Espinardo.
30100 MURCIA (España)
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Who can apply for the Bachelor’s Degree in International and Digital Marketing?

This program is open to high school graduates who aspire to earn a bachelor's degree. It's also suitable for professionals aiming to advance their careers in the fields of international marketing, digital marketing, and business administration.

What career opportunities are available to graduates of this program?

Graduates of this program can explore a wide range of career paths. They may pursue roles in international marketing management, digital marketing strategy, business administration, entrepreneurship, and more.

What is the duration of the program?

Typically, the program spans 48 months and is equivalent to 120 ECTS US credits. The next intake is scheduled for September 2024. To ensure a smooth start, we recommend arriving at least two weeks in advance to settle in and participate in the induction process.

How does the online modality work?

The 100% online modality allows students to attend live classes as if they were physically present in the classroom. Additionally, class recordings are accessible, providing the convenience of on-the-go learning.

How does the on-campus modality work?

The on-campus modality offers a fully immersive learning experience at the ENAE Business School’s campus in Spain. Students benefit from face-to-face interaction with faculty and peers, enhancing their educational journey.

Why study a Bachelor’s Degree at ENAE Business School?

ENAE Business School distinguishes itself through its commitment to excellence across various facets of business management. We offer outstanding programs aimed at providing students with professional training and development. With top-tier rankings, experienced faculty, and a 30-year track record, we deliver exceptional Master's and Bachellor’s programs.

Are there any financial assistance options available for the Master's programs?

We offer academic and need-based grants. Your agent can provide scholarship information, or visit our scholarship section here.

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