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Why study for a Master's Degree at ENAE Business School?

ENAE Business School aims to stand out through its pursuit of excellence in different areas of business management. It offers an excellent program to help students receive professional training and development. It is the leading business school in Murcia and it is among the best in the world according to the Forbes 2022 ranking. It has active professionals and entrepreneurs with teaching experience, as well as University of Murcia professors providing specialized postgraduate education in the form of Master's programs, executive programs, and professional courses. Over 13,000 students have passed through our classrooms in the University Campus of Murcia over the past 30 years, focused on the training of executives and postgraduates.

Does ENAE offer any officially recognized Master's degrees?

Yes. ENAE offers four Master's degrees with official recognition. The Master's Degree in Agribusiness Management with official recognition from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. The Master's Degree in Risk Management in Organizations with official recognition from the University of Murcia. The Master's Degree in Logistics and Operations Management with official recognition from the University of Murcia. And finally, the Master's Degree in International Trade with official recognition from the University of Murcia. Recently, ENAE has received accreditation to offer the Master's Degree in Data Science for Business from October 2023

What are the admission requirements for a Master's Degree at ENAE?

To start the admission process, the applicant must first apply for the Master's program of their interest. The admission committee will then conduct a document review to assess the candidate's eligibility, where the candidate must present their personal and professional documentation, including their ID, passport, grades, diploma, etc. The applicant will then take an admission test that evaluates various competencies, such as their ability to analyze and make critical decisions. After that, the candidate will be invited for a personal interview (if residing in Spain) or a video conference (for international candidates). The applicant will then be evaluated and ENAE will inform them of their status in the selection process, followed by the payment of the reservation fee within the specified period.

When should I start the admission process?

You should start the admission process as soon as possible since the number of places in these programs is limited. The admission committee starts allocating places from January to August. If you wait until the last minute, all the spots may be taken. You do not need to wait until you have all the required supporting documents to submit your online application. Keep in mind that the admission process is lengthy and has several steps that are not entirely under your control. These include gathering the necessary documentation (academic record, university certificate, etc.), proving your proficiency in English or Spanish depending on the language of instruction, applying for a visa (if applicable), and finding accommodation in Murcia. ENAE can help you with finding and booking accommodation, as well as any other requested services

What topics does the Master's degree cover?

The Master's Degree in Logistics and Operations Management offered by ENAE Business School provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary for optimal project management and control of production, logistics and purchasing departments. With the contents of this Master's degree, the student will have the opportunity to learn about the main techniques and tools for proper management of the flow of materials and their associated information, covering the areas of production, logistics, purchasing, and project management.

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